Monday, April 26, 2010

There is nothing more boring than other peoples' dreams

3 times the past 2 days I've dreamed I'm lost in an apartment building or hotel.

1st -- dreamed hub & I were renting an apartment in a different building, several blocks from our current home. It was a large house (mansion?) broken into several apartments, and ours was laid out in an odd way -- more like 2 apartments. I thought maybe we'd split them, add a bathroom & sublet the smaller half out. I realize I'm late for work. I am wandering, trying to find my way out, & see my mom has gutted one apartment & built an amazing new kitchen -- my jaw drops. She asks me to finish a chore but I have to leave for work.

2nd -- I'm in a large hotel adjoining a club I've visited before. The club is VERY small but the hotel is HUGE, one gigantic ballroom or dining room after another. I know everyone is coupled but I am alone & cannot find my way back to my room. I find myself on a mezzanine overlooking a ballroom & the most amazing staircase circles down. I know I might never have a chance to make a "grand entrance" on this type of staircase so I decide to walk down it majestically. At first the steps seem slick & I worry I might fall but soon I'm gliding down, light on my feet & feeling very dreamy-lovely.

3rd -- I'm in a hotel with a museum attached. The museum has an odd red & black theme to the floor, and has displays with small mechanical people acting out historical scenes. This time the theme is older women -- Mrs Roper (from Three's Company) comes to visit but is so old & feeble she cannot speak. My mother in law is reading her will, she wants everyone to know she doesn't have long & what to expect. My friend Lana's Aunt Frannie is doing the same. My MIL comes to where I'm sitting, hands me a check & thanks me for being good to her. I kiss her on both cheeks. I do love her.

Themes: Lost: disconnected from others though I know they are present
Vast building: cannot remember where I should be, nor how to get there
Doors: I keep trying to remember what lies behind which door so as not to retrace my steps
Windows: keep looking out windows so as to get my bearings, which direction am I facing/ heading
Older Women: My mom, the building owner, Mrs Roper, my MIL, Aunt Frannie
Showing off: walking down the stairs, bragging about my space & money making opportunities, bragging about my friends


  1. I see another theme is attachement -- the apartment is attached to another, the hotel is attached to a club, the 2nd hotel is attached to a museum.

  2. Had another one of these today, this time it was a gym/ locker room.

    I had similar recurring dreams as a kiddo, then it was always my highschool turned into either a mall or an airport.

  3. Not to state the obvious but dig the irony (or self-absorption) in the header. Am a bit of a dream obsessive myself...

  4. Ever heard of narcissism disorder?

    If not:

    Also, in case you don't know yet, skepticism is a logical fallacy. The "debunkers" biased mindset is in plain sight, and no surprise to me that 95% of the world can't stand those contentious debunkers, a group of people seeking to look wise in the eyes of others because they assumed that debunking as a way of life or a job had something to do with objectivity and logic, despite God providing clear long-term ongoing examples that such a mindset is not objective using the roles of prosecutorial and defense lawyers, like on the show Law and Order, and "real life", that choosing to be a accuser or defender for the sake of fame, money or any other reason, is not objective or logical.