Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday re-cap

GOD IS NOT THE CREATOR, claims academic

God showed up late and just kinda fiddled around with what was already here apparently. That's totally cool with me, as I'm way into the alien intervention idea anyway.

And even if the academic is wrong, God's still a bit of a sloppy bastard.

God, angered at the defamation,strikes back & launches a new bird...
"SEE? I'm still relevant I swear!!"
The creationists (pee their pants &) give the evolutionists a big NYAAAAH!!!

I've been following this thread with GLEE. Creationist Humber is a lying buffoon.
It gets juicy around page 7, but if you prefer, skip around. That's how Humber's logic works anyway, skips all over, comes to no resolution ever.

Micheal Shermer has a new blog on the topic of Micheal Moore's latest opus.

I've been into Shermer for a good year now, and my admiration for him hasn't waned a bit. If anything, I've developed quite a crush on him -- brains are HOTTT!!!!!! This guy is postively yummy. I think of him as
Dr Delicious!!!

PZ Myers, not all that delicious, probably boardering on inedible, is going to be talking with Barbara Haggarty on her NPR show(( Remember Ms H wrote a lovely book earlier this summer , Fingerprints of God, (( and one can only guess what she & PZ will have to chat about on Thursday.

BFF TIFF served beer at a charity event this past Saturday and finally posted pix.

uhh huh. ~gulp~ Its Breast Cancer Awareness month, so don't forget to feel your boobies!! Buy Tiff enough beers and maybe she'll let you feel hers.
I am still thinking about/ working on some thoughts about the moral & evolutionary value of LOVE. I'll share when they're crystalized.

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