Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday re-cap

The Simpsons take on Creation They're so cute. The best is when litte Todd (or is it Rod?) starts praying to the stork. That's how he came to be, right daddy? The stork brought him?

Ned says no, the Bible has the truth about how the world was created. But ho-leee, check out 4 things the Bible got wrong!!
Trust the Telegraph to get it right.

Its important to make sure tho, that you're reading the correct Bible. Apparently some are not Godly, they're actually Satanic.
Best thing to do is burn them.
On Halloween.
Yes, a church is going to burn Bibles on Halloween.

These are dangerous days... The wrong Bible can send you to hell, & too much education can be a bad thing. Check out the McDermott family, a Dugger-style litter of smiling dowdy Christians who publish
Salt magazine, & think education is a tool of Satan.
People like this make me think eugenics is a good idea. Seriously, you need a license to braid hair but anyone can make & raise a human, and be allowed to homeschool them and fill their brains with this type of schlock??? I pray for Armagedon. yes that was a joke.


Micheal Shermer is doing his delicious thing again... Does it make sense for an all powerful God to allow evil? Dr Shermer says no, and we all know... if it doesn't make sense, its probably because its NOT TRUE.

>>> bloggity<<<
Liza over at has a new bit up, Some Thoughts on Buddhism. I didn't read it. Something about the first line "I don’t know very much about Eastern Philosophy in general or about Buddhism in particular," made me think MAYBE LATER. I still throw her a mention because I like the premise for this blog (~~ahem~~) & Dr. Mohawk makes my dingle tingle.

I did spend a few minutes yesterday at and really enjoyed the extensive & varied list of posts.
In particular, I spent a while reading about the
evolution of morality,
a topic that I have been interested in since I started reading...

Yes that's my pet idiot thread, Creation Science is Real Science. I'm starting to become ashamed of how often I click over. Its like staring at a car crash, you just can't look away. I've decided tho, just as Dr Dawkins won't debate creationists as it gives too much attention to their cause, I will not give the creationist retard, aka CRETARD the pleasure of being able to google his name. From now on, he's a HUMDINGER.

Are you muslim? How tolerant are you? If you can watch this and not want to kill me, you pass the test.


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