Monday, January 18, 2010

Anvil: dreams are forged in fire

~~Big shots are little shots who keep on shooting.

Hub & I met up with Taki76 & Jenny-Jen the other night. They're pretty cool: they have "respectable people" jobs, they like socializing, watching movies, and in their spare time, they make fun, funky music & videos. Its probably not as common a hobby as, say watching the game, but its their special thing and they get a lot of joy from it. Its a passion.

I have a fondness for people with a passion in life, maybe because I don't. It gives me a thrill to see people get into something just because they love it... not because its their job, or because it will get them more chicks... I like people who like a thing, an activity, just because it makes them happy.

We met up with Taki & Jenny at the Anvil show at the Filmore-TLA. Anvil is the musical love-child of Lips Kudrow & Robb Reiner, two slightly 'over-the-hill' guys who have been rockin' out together since the 70s. I first became aware of them when I saw a documentary this summer. They were portrayed as the real Spinal Tap, the little shots of the 80s metal scene, little shots that kept on shooting.

A funny thing about me is that I'm very goal-oriented, but I'm far more so status driven. I like people who really work at making their dreams come alive, but I'm also terribly irritated by people who can't seem to face reality: you ain't ever gonna be no rock star. Its lame to see a 50ish guy with long hair in leather chaps acting like a badass. Its not cool to just keep pretending one of these days, its gonna happen, we're gonna be BIG.

But it did happen: these guys are big. They just kept shooting their little shots and they managed, after 30odd years of trying, to get the attention of the right person at the right time. Check 'em out -- '09 alone brought them a movie, tour, book and CD release. They had a dream and kept dreaming it, and now they have a dream come true. Lips even said so, he said he didn't take it lightly, to be on stage in Philadelphia. He said he'd been waiting his whole life for that moment and was so grateful to us all, that he'd happily shake every one's hand after the show.

My main passion in life is looking really cute. That's not something I'm likely to garner into any career or even fifteen minutes of fame. It does make me happy to see others succeed tho, and I suppose in a way that's just as important. I was happy to support Mike & Mark in their efforts a decade or so ago. I'm glad to play DJPE's music in the lobby here at work. Still, it would be nice to have something bigger than myself to live for. I'll work on finding my passion this year. Passion will be the target, & I'll keep shooting.

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