Friday, January 22, 2010

The Chemistry of ~~Chemsitry, pt 2: There's nothing more important than being a pretty girl

In the last blog, we discussed how men see something exciting and want a reward, immedietly, even if it isn't sexual. What is it about women that makes men so excited?

Men are hard-wired to want to spread their seed, and women are genetically driven to make men want to give them the seed. We are motivated instinctively to want one another more than anything else, and the chemistry of the brain drives that as well as enhances it.

Males are led by testosterone and women are led by estrogen. Test & Est are chemically similar: just as the Y chromosome is simply a broken X, Est is Test with a 'stem' or two missing.

Estradiol, a form of estrogen, peaks just before ovulation. Now, men make testosterone all day, their cycle is about every 20-40 minutes. Women have a much longer cycle, and the various repercussions of it are far more enhanced. So while a man might have some slight peaks & valleys from his test being pumped out, it happens so quickly he & others might never be aware of it. Most people, on the other hand, are abundantly aware of how a woman's moods ebb & flow with her 28 day cycle.

There are studies that demonstrate that estradiol can protect delicate neural circuits, and when Est drops -- such as after pregnancy or during menses -- a woman might feel more anxious. Generally speaking tho, Est is an evolutionary godsend: Est makes a woman feminine. It makes her skin softer & smoother, makes her voice higher, makes her more confident & more competitive, all traits designed to entice a mate. Women who have higher than average Est have a great advantage in life, all the above traits as well as the Marylin Monroe look -- large bust, tight waist, round hips. These women are far more in demand, and (perhaps as a result) are more prone to 'trade up' or stray. They tend to be the type of women men want & women hate.

Men like bombshells. It takes a lot of nutrients to grow a healthy head of hair, and long hair shows a woman has been healthy for years. Blue eyes show the pupil better, and since pupils dilate when a gal gets excited, lighter eyes show excitement better. Tight waist & round hips, as shown before, are a sign of plenty of estradiol, which means increased fertility. Lips thin with age, & blond hair darkens, so a busty blond with plump lips and an hourglass figure isn't just eye-candy & pretty isn't just in the eye of the beholder. Its also in the nose, ears, skin & brain.

There's nothing more important than being a pretty girl!

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