Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday round up

What a fun, funny, emotional day.

We have 6 basic emotions -- joy, fear, anger, suprise, disgust, & sadness. Today I read about 5 more that are somewhat deeper but no less important. These are elevation, interest, gratitude, pride, & confusion.

Of course there are more... like fiero, the pride you feel in accomplishing something just for yourself... which I imagine is what Ray Comfort is feeling these days, having desecrated Darwin's On The Origins for $4.99 a copy...

... or ennui, a form of intellectual boredom I know all too well...

... or schadenfreude!!! I love schadenfreude, tho I don't feel it often. Its the evil glee you get when learning of the misfortune of others. I didn't feel it today, but Pat Robertson did. He got all schadenfreuden while talking about the disaster in Haiti (or Hay-shuh, as he calls it).

BFF Tiff & I had a long chat today about things that have been on our mind this past year, namely the idea of abandonment & betrayal. Betrayal isn't an emotion itself, but can lead to most of the basic: fear, anger, sadness, and far too often disgust with oneself. Helplessness is a natural outcome of being betrayed, and some, like Tiff, will push against that feeling to revenge. Its the classic story: victim becomes victimizer, and we're back to schadenfreude! (I think that's why I like her so much, I admire her agressiveness in life, and feel joy by proxy in her schadenfreude.)

I'm not emotional enough lately.

Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is the most important. ~~Carl Reiner


  1. Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is the most important. Kicking some asshole in the shins is pretty satisfying.

  2. Shin kicking is so badass. ~schadenfreude burst~

  3. If you like schadenfreude, you should look into epicaricacy.